G & S Farm
Contact: Sandy Durr
Address: 671 E 132nd St. N. Grinnell, IA, 50112
Email Address:
Phone: 641-990-3900
Our chickens are fed by corn and hay that we grow. We grind our own chicken feed. No antibiotics or chemicals are used. Diatomaceous earth is used periodically in the nest and on the roost. Chickens are given a diet of corn, oats, alfalfa, kale, greens, grass, bugs and worms in the summer. Apple cider vinegar with the mother in their water periodically for extra vitamins, pumpkins for natural worming, (mixed seeds in the winter with dried boon worms) along with their feed.
They have access to the outside into a large covered area with tree stumps etc. Their home is completely insulated.
Their roost inside have large trays under them filled with zeolite mineral to catch any droppings and scooped out like litter boxes.
They lay in roll out nest, I sanitize the eggs with a few drops of dish soap and a squirt of peroxide