Barnswallow Flowers
Contact: Kerrilyn & Meredith Nunnikhoven
Address: 2560 Highway 23 Oskaloosa, IA, 52577
Email Address:
Phone: 612-280-8709
About Us
In 2010, Iowa natives Kerrilyn & Meredith Nunnikhoven attended a seed starting class offered by Indian Hills Community College. At that time Barnswallow was a distant thought. Having the experience of growing and marketing sweet corn through the 80's and 90's, it was easy to entertain the thought of growing for local community once again. With generational farming knowledge, combined with a passion for growing beautiful and unique specimens, the business started innocently with wholesale peonies, dahlias and tomatoes. Barnswallow was in the making to help diversify the small family farm for longterm sustainability.
Today, Barnswallow grows chemical free on three acres at the farm homestead and serves a variety of local customers, from local citizens, funeral homes, retirement facilities, small businesses, local chefs, farm stores and retail outlets. The fresh-cut, flower operation grows hundreds of unique specimens yearly and caters to flower lovers either wanting bouquets or hosting celebratory events. In fall of 2020, a six-acre organic chestnut plot was planted and installed to further diversify and provide a nutritional product to SE Iowa. In collaboration with other farmers and artists, Barnswallow is expanding in local product development including hot sauces, flake, relish, jams and jelly's in addition to pottery made by local artisans using Iowa clay. The Barnswallow Cottage serves as a Farm Stay and is available for booking through AirBnb.

Barnswallow's Farm Mission

Growing diversified, chemical free flowers and food with sustainable agricultural practices that focus on regenerative farming and carbon reduction.